“ECFR will have 31 days for Rajab 1431″

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“ECFR will have 31 days for Rajab 1431

Dear Br. Dr. Khalid Shaukat.

Assalamu Alaikkum W R W B

You have written that according to the Chairman of European Council for Fatwa & Research (ECFR), the Shabaan starts only on Tuesday, 13th July.

But their site, www.e-cfr.org/en shows that Thursday, 8th July was 27th Rajab for them.  So, they will be completing 30 days of Rajab on Sunday, 11th July. and if, according to your statement,  if they start Shabaan on Tuesday, 13th, July, their month of  Rajab will have 31 days !!!

On what basis, you have replied that the first of Shabaan for ECFR will be on Tuesday, 13th July?  You owe us an explanation for this incorrect information provided by you which will certainly mislead the Ummah.

ECFR has started the month of Rajab wrongly.  The Rajab actually started on Sunday, 13th June after completing 29 days of J. Aakhir on Saturday, 12th June. But according to ECFR website, they would have started Rajab on Saturday, 12th July itself.

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