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Nowadays Moon sighting has become a polemical issue. But we have to sort it out and find a permanent solution to this. Definitely sighting the moon by naked eye can never be a solution.

In the age of science and technology if we celebrate so many EIDS at so many places, then nothing can be so ludicrous than this empirical practice of today’s Muslims.

In the time of our Nabi (sal), people had been illiterate and they had to rely on what was practiced at that time. The commandment of our Rasool (sal) to sight the crescent on 29 th day was to ascertain the birth of new month. Then why can’t we do this with help of highly sophisticated labs around the world.

For salah timings we are not following the method which was adopted by the then Muslims. We fully trust on solar calendar and have timings of Salah for years in advance. But when it comes to lunar calendar, we say that we have to follow the practice of people who lived 1400 years back. How ridiculous is this.

Is this not against law of Allah. Allah says in Quran 10:5

“He it is who gave the sun radiance and the moon light, and determined the stages (for the waxing and waning of the moon) that you may learn the calculation of years and the reckoning of time. Allah has created all this with a rightful purpose (rather than out of play). He expounds His signs for the people who know”.

When Allah has given the potentiality to his crown of creations to reckon days well in advance based on the phases of moon, then what is wrong to make use of it?

We must be free from double standard. For reckoning time we are adapted to follow sun and for reckoning of days, we are still stiff necked in rejecting the truth. Is it not a double standard?

Let us think further.


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